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In recent weeks, we’ve seen some tremendous uproars in the global piping community.

Namely, the leading drummer of potentially the best drum corps in history, and his suspension from competition by the RSPBA (Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association).

Now, though I don’t agree with his suspension, I don’t think it is appropriate for non RSPBA members to tell the RSPBA they are wrong.

Looking back, the RSPBA had tried to make changes in North American associations. The response was that the RSPBA has no place commenting on associations outside of their own.

Why do pipers on this side of the pond find it unacceptable for RSPBA to comment on non RSPBA associations, but feel it is perfectly acceptable to tell them how to run theirs?

Support the drummer in question, but be mindful of your double standards. Let RSPBA members sort out their home association, and you just take care of yours.


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